Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sagebrush! Duh!

So I have gotten to a point in my projects where I don't have too much farther to go before they are complete.  However, there was a restlessness in me that felt there still needed to be something else added or juiced up for my projects.  I thought,"I can't be this far a head, with almost two months left, with nothing else to do."  So after a good conversation with my stepmother, we brought up sagebrush.  It was really an obvious solution that I should have thought of before.  Sagebrush is an important icon of the southwest.  It is known for floating across roads and its beautiful blooming in the fall.  However, most importantly, it is know for its pleasent smell.  You can buy small bundles of sagebrush at most aroma stores. 

More importantly, it is a completing solution for my thesis (senior project).  What I have become interested in is not neccessarily design but what a piece or pieces can do experiementally.  I have always been interested in memory and how we feel about our past.  Some examples of what I am talking about are things like:  how the feeling of Christmas has changed as I got older, or how the feeling of home has changed. 

So more specifically, in my thesis, I am interested in recreating the experience and feelings I have when I'm in the southwest.  There has been something truly spiritual and enlightening about this area that has sparked so many new experiences.  There are also some very interesting things about how the culture relates to its surrounding land.  The community in this area really tries to blend into the geography and not tear it down or undermine it.  These new feelings and experiences I have are what I want to incorporate into my pieces.  I want to recreate these experiences for people who may relate or spark curiousity for those who haven't visited the area.

Yay for Sagebrush!

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