Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The beginnings of my soft sculpture...

Here is the outline of an antelope I am making along with its armature.  I will be stuffing the body stiff with cotton batting I bought.  I made the armature in order to keep the legs straight, up and down, instead of wanting to splay out to the sides.  After I have put together and stuffed the antelope, I will then be painting it, inspire by the patterns painted on Oaxacan wood carvings.  Also, there is going to be a hidden compartment to put things in, in the back spine.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Great Southwest.


Process and Progress.

Here are photographs of the making of my fiberglass munstuer.

Here I am cutting out and carving the body using pink foam board.


In this image, I am taping up the body with packing tape so that after the fiberglass has dried, I can then easily extract the body from the inside.

Through one of the legs, I strung through some electrical cord for a small light fixture that will later go into the belly of the munstuer.

The process of cutting out pieces of fiber glass fabric and pinning them to the body, then painting on the resin.

In this step, I poured acetone into the cavity of the body and the acetone melted the foam.  Then I was able to grab onto the "guts" and pull them out.  

And finally, the empty body

Here I am clamping the legs in place, where I want them and lining them up with the body.  Then I just laid fiberglass over the seems to connect the legs  to the body.  

Testing, testing!  Yes, it works!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Legs Side Table, Stained Glass Top

Here is a side table in which I cut out the legs with a large CNC router.  Then I also put together this stained glass top.  The legs were made of laminated sheets of chipboard.


Here is a small novelty toy I made on a 3D computer software, which I then transferred to a rapid prototyper.  This 3D printer then prints my object out of hardened gypsum powder.  Finally, I painted on images and illustrations.

Fish Table

Here is a completely whimsical and intuitive project I did.  I was visually intrigued by these colored plastic goldfish so I bought 400 of them, drilled holes in every one so I could hook them, and lined them inside of a plexi box I made.  The coolest part is when you bump the table, the fish wiggle as if they are alive.  Materials: Plexi, plastic fish, fishing line, PVC

Rubberband Chair

This is a piece done with "found" or "unlikely" materials.  I fabricated a simple, modern steel frame, then stretched on pallet rubber bands along with regular(smaller) rubber bands.  I then added a felt sash to include a creative twist on upholstry.

Fat Cat Side Tables

Two side tables that come together but can be seperated for desired use.  Good for night stand or end tables.  Materials:  CNC mdf cats with colored glass, fabricated steel stands.

Past Works.